Sunday Morning Discipleship

Sunday Morning Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Group: Morning Bible Study- Topics include, Maturity through Spiritual revival, Maturity in Effective prayer, Maturity in recognizing sin, Maturity in confession of sin, Maturity through God's forgiving grace on through a few other lessons until we end with Maturity in view of Christ's return.

Leaders: Mike & Linda Gilley

Date/ Time: Sunday Mornings 9:30-10:15 

Location: The Point Classroom 1

Discipleship Group: Sunday Morning Discipleship- Adult Discipleship Bible Study is currently taking an in depth study through the book Job and then will focus on the gospel of John

Leader: Joe Hancher

Date/ Time: Sunday Morning 9:30-10:15

Location: RPC- Meeting Room 1

Exodus- In depth study of the book of Exodus

Leader: Mark Richardson

Date/Time: Sunday Morning 9:30-10:15

Location: RPC Gym Downstairs Classroom 1